Here is How to Blog Yourself All the Way to the Bank

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Bank Your Blog!

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Hyip, Hyip Monitor, And E-currencies They Accept


Here I’d like to talk about e-currencies that HYIPs accept.

The most popular e-currency is Liberty Reserve. It has become wide spread in the HYIP industry since it is non-reversible. So please be aware of programs that promise you to get your money back from HYIP! All of them are SCAMs! There is no way to return the money involved in a scam HYIP. Another advantage is that LR has low fees – just 1% for transactions inside system. Liberty Reserve is well-known as a reliable and safe system. If your API is off, there is no way to hack your account, otherwise your money can be easily stolen by hackers. And that is why there are few HYIPs that implement instant withdrawal. To credit your account or to withdraw money from your Liberty Reserve account, you need to apply for exchanger since Liberty Reserve doesn’t support direct withdrawals to bank account or credit card. Liberty Reserve is also popular among HYIP monitors thanks to its reliability and convenient interface. Any HYIP monitoring systems will prefer Liberty reserve as its stability is proven by the years of successful work.

Another popular e-currency among HYIP programs is Perfect Money. Same as Liberty Reserve, it is non-reversible. The fee for transfers inside system is 0.5%. The advantage of this system is that unlike Liberty Reserve it supports withdrawals to bank account. However this option costs $100 + 3%, so I don’t think it is a big advantage. After the foundation of this system in 2007 no one considered it seriously because of the amateurish design. However over the time system has proven to be an excellent tool for HYIP investment. PM is also popular with HYIP monitor admins thanks to its low fees and easy-to-use interface.

These two e-currencies are used by a majority of HYIP programs and HYIP monitors. Moreover, most HYIPs use these systems as the only payment processors for HYIP investment. Sometimes HYIPs also accept such e-currencies as AlertPay, SolidTrusPay, StrictPay, GlobalDigitalPay and C-Gold. However, their HYIP investment share is very low.

I want to talk separately about HYIP programs that accept PayPal. PayPal is a reversible payment processor, so the HYIP admin takes great risk using this e-currency. In addition, PayPal regularly makes verifications of his users, that is why HYIP programs, that accept PayPal, are the most trustable and worthy for HYIP investment. Probably you will never see a HYIP monitor that uses PayPal as a payment tool, but it doesn’t mean that HYIP monitor admins try to hide their personal information. HYIP monitoring is not connected with the risk of losing money, as it is just a tool to check whether a certain HYIP pays or not.

As a result of this article I want to point out, that most HYIPs prefer to use non-reversible e-currencies. It means that HYIP investor must understand the responsibility he is taking investing in a certain HYIP – there is a chance to lose money. How to avoid it? Just do your research, visit various HYIP monitors to check the status of a HYIP you are going to invest in, check forums and blogs. The more HYIP monitoring systems you will visit, the more information you will have about each program, the more confident you will feel investing in a certain HYIP. HYIP investment will not be so risky if you have all necessary information about HYIPs!

Thank you for reading this article and good luck you in the area of HYIP INVESTMENT!

Wedding Finance… Where Is Your Money?

Money is the root to all evil. Most of the time, money issue is the root to married couple’s worries.

Before married, our finance matters do not overlap. I took charge of mine, she took charge of hers.

After married, we have to plan for our family. There are other issues to look into such as saving part of our salary, having joint account, saving for a new flat and for our children.

Looking at all these commitments, we seriously have to sit down and discuss our financial road map.

Wedding planning is a mega-project. It not only take up lots of energy, man-power but also lots of financial resources.

Those wedding couples who have average salaries and have been saving for a few years for their weddings, may find their bank account completely dried up by the end of their weddings.

I have shared earlier planning a wedding does not start after proposal. It comes way before proposal. I took two years to save up for my wedding before I popped the question to my wife on wedding proposal day.

I find that one needs to be financial savvy to save up for wedding. Some who had much better salary will park aside part of their money each month. Others may take up tuition and save up what they have earned. The rest who are even smarter invested what they have saved and their money pond grows bigger.

I know there are some friends of mine never got married even though they wanted to as they have no idea where their money has gone to.

If expenditure is not tracked well, there is no way to save up.

5 things we find helpful for our finance,
1. Discuss how much we are going to save per month and stick to it
2. Plan how much we need to save up
3. Plan by when we need to save up that amount
4. Plan how we can reach our goal
5. Write down the plans and goals on a piece of paper and stick somewhere we can see everyday

Tips For The Forex Foreign Exchange Market

I want to help you be successful in the forex foreign exchange market. This market can be a bit intimidating since there are over $3 trillion in trades daily, but the market really isn’t that hard. You’re not competing against other trades, you’re just trying to follow the market, like everyone else.

How do I find a good broker?

Brokers can be hard to find, especially on the internet. Brokers hold your money and make trades on your behalf, so it is apparent that you have the best quality to meet your needs. I’ve heard many horror stories with brokers not returning money. When people try to call customer service, no one answers. They contact them by email and get a reply back a week later saying it was sent. It’s horrible, when you’re talking about your money. You wouldn’t put your life savings in anything less than a reputable bank, so you’re not going to do the same with your broker.

The best way to find a good broker is to goto forex forums where people constantly are talking about this. You’ll hear all the horror stories, but you’ll also hear about the good ones. The ones that deliver top of the line service. This is the kind you want.

Should I be constantly monitoring trades, so I can sell fast if need be?

I don’t want to tell you to not monitor your trades, but it really depends on why you’re doing it? If you’re indecisive with trades and can’t make up your mind, than no. There has to be a point where you’re going to stick with your decisions because that’s the only way you’re going to learn. The best thing you can do is think of a loss point before you trade. That’s the only reason you should get out of the trade.

This is my advice for the forex foreign exchange market. Just keep your mind open and keep the desire to learn and adapt.

How To Find Internet Business Opportunities?

The internet is full of business opportunities. You need a computer and a legitimate idea to begin a small business.

Income seekers can start making money online if they apply themselves with clarity of thought and planned actions.

One can find a new and promising franchise opportunity at Click Bank. The product one plans to promote need not be the best or have high gravity but it must hold promise be scam-free and help you earn some residual income after discounting your monthly expenses.

I will tell you a simple method to get ideas and content for your home based internet business.

Go to Amazon.Com. Click on any category e.g., “Apparel”. You will find:

Kids & Baby

Click on “Accessories”. You will find:

Cold Weather Accessories
Electronics Cases
Luggage, Bags & Travel
Travel Accessories
Wallets, Money & Key Organizers
Men’s Accessories
Women’s Accessories
Children’s Accessories

Click on “Cold Weather Accessories”. You will find:

Ear Muffs
Mittens & Hand Muffs
Neck Warmers

You can write:
one general article about “apparel”.(Top Level)
one general article on “apparel accessories”.(Sub Level)
one general article on “cold weather accessories”.(Sub Sub Level)
six detailed articles “ear muffs”, “gloves”, “mittens & hand muffs”, “hats”, “neck warmers” and “scarves”.(Ground Level)

So you have nine articles to write about. At first, you must carry out research. Type “apparel wiki” or “apparel history” into Google search box and note important points.

Study the product details at Amazon by clicking some items you wish to promote.

Copy the tags or keywords listed under each product description.

Choose an appealing caption for your article like “All You Need To Know About Apparel Before You Buy”, “Check These Before You Buy Apparel”, “How To Choose Apparel For Your Baby?” etc.

In your article, write only general stuff. Since you want people to visit your website or blog, implore upon them to know some “secrets” on your website or blog. Your article can be between 250 and 500 words split in 4 or 5 paragraphs with attractive sub-headings and with some bulleted lists.

Make sure the language is simple, grammar and spellings correct.

You can do all these free of cost! For free websites, free hostings and other useful free stuff, check out these:

Finding The Most Excellent WordPress Themes Portfolio There Is

WordPress was created in 2003. This was developed because of a necessity to have a sophisticated and well-organized personal publishing system using MySQL and PHP with GPLv2 license. Since its discovery up to the present, more and more people are picking WordPress as this is famous as the distinguished blogging system. You can actually watch a great number of websites that are utilizing it these days. That is why bloggers or web owners are advised to make use of WordPress so as to boost its capabilities.

If you have selected WordPress for your website or blog, then you should choose an appealing theme to begin with. Essentially, WordPress theme are files that determines the appeal of your web page. The theme comprises the overall design of your website along with other important contents such as headers, footers, graphics and logos. These days, there are lots of simple wordpress themes available as there are many developers competing also. Nonetheless, the vast number of WordPress themes makes it tough to look for an excellent ones. And even if you look for great ones, you should purchase wordpress themes that are suitable for your web page. Those that are able to be beneficial and make your site a lot attractive for visitors.

Remember that there are business wordpress themes that includes features and also special plug-ins which makes it very expensive. Nevertheless, if you’re just starting out your blog site or business website, you can still search for a perfect theme for it without breaking your bank account. You’ll discover and choose the best theme suitable for your site simply, just follow these pointers.

You can simply find a theme that is ideal for your website if you’re able to determine your needs beforehand. Through this, your choices will be reduced since these themes are purposely designed for many kinds of sites just like business, blogging and personal. Determining your needs will surely make you search for the theme that is perfect for your website.

One other thing that you must consider when you buy wordpress themes is its presentation. Opt for the ones that can help you improve the traffic in your web page. Bear in mind not to exaggerate things, the theme must be simple and clean. The postings in your site will be presented well through these kinds of themes and you could be assured that your visitors will have a pleasant experience in your website. There’s also a higher probability that they’ll keep visiting.

Additionally, you must shop for excellent clean wordpress themes that can offer you with amazing features. The features of these themes are the most essential thing you should consider just like their backgrounds, color schemes, fonts and customizability. Keep in mind that the theme you apply can decide if your site can stay long or not.

It is best if you buy wordpress themes that can reflect the business’ objectives or personality so you’ll be able to pull more visitors in. It is because attractive themes will definitely help make your site stand out in the internet. You can truly make your website work and get more visitors if you will select a dependable site platform that can provide you with top quality wordpress themes.

The Fractional Reserve Banking Fraud

Fractional reserve banking and the fraud that came with it is at the core of the present-day ´financial system.´ In order to grasp an understanding of the ongoing dilemma, and why Federal Reserve Banks are at fault, it is essential to understand the concept of Fractional Reserve Banking… and why it is more than just counterfeiting.

Contrary to what is believed, the American dollars in your bank account are not the same dollars in the form of cash (Federal Reserve Notes) in your wallet. The dollars in the banks are make believe paper dollars, or numbers on a computer created by the bank… an obligation or promissory note to pay you a certain dollars in Federal Reserve Notes. Simply stated, the bank backs the dollars in your bank account… while the Federal Reserve backs the Federal Reserve Notes.

Throughout time, gold was the only existing currency. Purchasing your daily loaf of bread with pure gold did not seem practical and for that reason, goldsmiths served as early bankers. Goldsmiths would issue certificates that were backed by gold and this allowed people to purchase things with paper money. This paper money was represented by pure physical gold bullion and was stored in the goldsmith’s vaults.

Producing certificates to look after gold meant that a significant amount of cash (gold) was just sitting around in storage. So the goldsmiths decided to start a fraud. When this happened, they became the bankers we know today.

Creating this fraud was really simple. Given that people did not know how much gold was actually stored, it was easy for goldsmiths to issue out more certificates than the gold being stored. By doing this, they attempted to earn more interest than would have been possible if they would have limited themselves to loan based on the gold stored. These goldsmiths relied on the assumption that not all of the certificates would be cashed in at the same time and therefore nobody would find out.

This is a critical explanation of the fraud that is fractional reserve banking. In the time of goldsmiths, it was easy to distinguish between right and wrong. The promissory notes were backed by the gold in the vaults. The moment the goldsmiths decided to issue notes that were backed by nothing (aside from the supposition that they would have enough gold inventory to pay, assuming not everyone demanded their physical gold at the same time)…thus the process of fraud began.

How is it possible that bankers were allowed to get away with something like this? How could no one say anything about the false creation of gold?

Enter the government. Corruption can stem from power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So indeed, the government knew the trick of the goldsmiths’ scam. However, the world’s ruling classes knew it was not convenient to stop it. Instead, they saw it advantageous to perpetuate the scam. Why? Because by taxing and regulating the issue of money, they could keep a system in place where both could profit. This inevitably led to what we know as Fractional Reserve Banking.

If you move forward in time 500 years…the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency and serving like the world’s goldsmith. Privately owned by several mysterious group banks, the Federal Reserve System illustrates the jaded relationship banks and governments have developed in the last 500 years. For some reason, world economies fall in the same trap of the same scam.

The interest rate banks operate under and lend are controlled by the Federal Reserve. In addition, the Federal Reserve controls the fractional reserve ratios banks are required to maintain (as a percentage of their reserves held in Federal Reserve Notes). What does this mean? The money supply and the ‘new money’ being created are controlled by privately owned company comprised of banks allowed to ‘counterfeit’ money. There is also the interest charge on those dollars created out of thin air!

For those reasons, I have a nickname for Fractional Reserve Banking: I refer to them as Fictional Reserve Banking. How long will you allow yourself to be fooled by this fraud? Will you take the steps necessary to protect yourself and stay ahead of the crowd?

Here are some suggestions for further reading: It is essential to understand the Fractional Reserve Banking in order to find or create positive banking solutions for your family and future. Solutions like these are the ones author Peter Macfarlane writes about in his blog on offshore banking. Peter also writes several articles on the topic of Wealth Creation for The Q Wealth Report which is a leading quarterly journal dedicated to financial privacy and individual liberty, as well as offshore asset protection. He is also a well-known authority and speaker at offshore living events.

Review – Making Money With Blogs Using Blogging To The Bank System

Each week you can find scores of new releases coming on the market. While the majority are re-hashes and 2nd rate wanabees, some are in reality useful and worthwhile. A good indicator of which ones are better is high user acceptance in conjunction with low refund rates. A relative newcomer inside the making money with blogs area referred to as Blogging To the Bank by Rob Benwell is meeting that criteria and looking good.

This useful product is considered the brainchild of how to make money with blogs, especially niche WordPress blogs. And what Blogging To The Bank does so well in order to rapidly grow its client list is they deliver on what they promise in their product.

Three unique features set Blogging To The Bank aside from their nearest competition. These three important and unique features are: they will build you your first niche WordPress blog for Free, they give you a complete step-by-step niche WordPress blog blueprint for building niche blogs fast and on auto-pilot and show you the best ways to start drawing in large amounts of traffic to your new niche WordPress blogs.

Let’s discuss each one of these functions, in turn.

First, they’ll set up a niche WordPress blog for you ready to make money and on it’s own domain for Free. That’s a pretty good start and a great way for you to see what you’ll be doing using the Blogging To The Bank system.

Secondly, they show you step-by-step how to build these niche WordPress blogs from the ground up. A to Z as they say.

Thirdly, they reveal the best ways for you to start generating large amounts of free targeted traffic using several different methods that are pretty easy to follow and implement.

On the other side of the coin, the main disadvantage to the Blogging To The Bank system is the time it takes to set up your niche WordPress blogs. But once you have the hang of it, your all set to start making your first $1 online using blogs.

In the final analysis, I think Blogging To The Bank appears to be an excellent product, loaded with superior features and a growing popularity. If you expect to be active in its area of application, it could be a smart choice for you to take a closer look at it and perhaps give it a try. With that many happy clients it has to be onto something good. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself why Blogging To The Bank is the best place to learn how to make money with blogs.

Investment Banking Blog

Blogs are incredibly popular nowadays. This modern term came from the words web and log which, when combined, means logging or writing something on the internet. One would be able to find blogs in the World Wide Web on every possible subject that a person could think of and write about. This means that it is not unusual to find a blog covering the world of investment banking. Some may find it to be a bit strange that there are actually people who are writing an investment banking blog. It might also be surprising to others why they should read such a blog. If a person is keen on pursuing the field of investment banking, there are several good reasons as to why an investment banking blog is interesting.

One main thing that makes a blog somehow different from a traditional website is that blogs are updated more frequently and it also showcases the posts keyed in by its blog owner. The blog posts are more casual and what is interesting is that it could be done in a lot of various formats. As an example, there are several blogs that have somewhat a journal style or diary style, which, as expected, is really conversational and informal in nature while there are other blogs that uses more formal types of tone.

One important matter that a person would be able to learn from an investment banking blog is how the owner of the blog actually feels about his or her occupation, that is, if the person actually works in the investment banking industry. These days, there exist personal blogs written by real-life investment bankers wherein they would actually convey to their readers some portions of their everyday lives and that could include their job as an investment banker. People who are interested in this particular field would get to discover several things that normally take place from day to day in the investment banking industry. It is also informative in a way because readers of the blog that might not know much about the basics of investment banking would get to learn about it. There are some blogs that feature really informative entries that could educate the blog’s readers on a specific topic.

As of late, there are several blogs in cyberspace that could teach a person on how to bag a coveted job in the investment banking industry. They would be able to give their readers an idea on the best way to prepare one’s resume as well as tips on how to behave and respond at job interviews. Naturally, recruiters of investment firms are on the lookout for only the finest applicants. One should be a cut above the rest and it would be better if the applicant has learned a lot about this field and undoubtedly, a blog could be a big help. For those who are already experienced in the investment banking field, it would encourage people to try this field if these bankers would share their knowledge and experience with the whole world. They could have a free blog or they could even get a paid one. Blogging is really simple and there is no need to have plenty of technical experience.

An investment banking blog could also earn money. This is done through placing advertisements on it. Blogs actually have a lot of useful things to offer. They could be entertaining, instructive, and informative. Truly, these blogs are extremely valuable for the readers and the bloggers alike.